There are many ways you can choose from to reach us:

You can attach a scroll to the collar of a fox and wish for the best.

Alternatively, you can call us by dialling:
(+36) 30 934 4022 (Agnes Komor – creative director) or
(+36) 30 682 9279 (Gabor Komor – managing director).

Shoot a mail to info at artdistrict with a "dot eu" at the end.

Or just use this simple form on the right - it's quick and easy.

We're not showing our address here because we'll end up on a mailing list of some weird religious group that needs money for new robes all the time.
And we don't have a fax-machine anymore. We threw it out in 1991, along with our Joe Bloggs jeans and a double cassette album, called Deep Heat.

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